Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Whatz good blog, it's been like eons since anything has been posted in this blog. Well, we aim to change that! We have some things coming down the pipe to keep this blog fresh! A few ideas and some surprises, so you got to keep coming back to see what we have. Remember without you, there is no us. so please tell everybody you know to check us out and while you're here you might as well browse over to our discography and down load our first album, it free, so what you got to lose, right? We have 2 new projects on the burner that are simmering right now getting ready to be served. Just waiting on chef Ramsey to OK it. But i can let you know that they will be enjoyable and quite fulfilling. So in the mean time let me catch you with some of the videos that have been done to our music. A big shout out goes to everybody who continues to let our music speak to them. It's nice to know that people hear our heart and our soul with out meeting us. Isn't that what music is all about?

First up we have DIEN2LIVE. He was doing a new freestyle every saturday for a while and he chose to use on of our song to showcase his lyrcis of fury. Battle Bars: Saturday 16. Check for the punch lines, as he has them!

Be on the Look out for a small project that we will be doing with him.

Next up we have our man RhymingGaijin doing his thing in the far east.  I tell you this has got to be the hardest working man i know.  If he is not making freestyle videos while walking down the streets of Japan, he is dropping knowledge.

Really trying to make something happen when RG, Hopefully we can make a trip to Japan and do a quick album joint, like BSB x RG Loves Japan. A La Dilla.

  And Last but not Least BSB's own MixoFlix own vision of his song, off of the album "Testing The Waters" comes " For the Love" & "In The Rain"

So be on the look out for new ish coimg next week,, new oldschool hip hop mix, more videos and a new monthly segment that should be making it's debut in July.  I think that you're going to love it.



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