Friday, January 4, 2013

Here's a Little Something By My DJ! DJ Platinum(part 1)

As the song lyrics go by the Fresh Prince(b4 he became Hollywood! "Will Smith") in the song: "The Magnificent JazzyJeff"

I would like to talk about the DJ's in the Black Steel Brothers. "DJ Ataxic" and our newest member "DJ Platinum". I was first introduced to DJ Platinum when I was traveling back and forth from Springfield, Mo and Kansas City, Mo. At the time i was in a long distance relationship with a chick that lived in Springfield Mo. Now here I am from Kansas City, going back and forth to this small college country ass place, so I wasn't expecting to find any Hip-Hop other than the crap that they were playing on BET and MTV at the time, this was back in 97'( I know I just dated myself, but I don't try to hide that I'm an old head) So I was shocked to find out that like  Kansas City, there were some real Hip-Hop heads in Springfield holding it down.
I was still on my Hick Billy steez,  thinking that this town couldn't produce anybody worth checking out, less known, anybody that was good. Being that Springfield was really a college town and they had about 5-6 major colleges, my world was as big as my Kansas City block. I hadn't factor in that there were a lot of Hip-Hop heads coming through Springfield’s many colleges and leaving out, so in reality Hip-Hop had been living in Springfield as long as I have known her as well.  I was introduced to DJ Platinum through a mutual friend at the time and my first impression was what does this kid know about Hip-Hop and how deep are his crates?  In my circle you are only as good as how deep your crates are.
 My second impression was that this kat was hella cocky and had a “I’m better than you” attitude, which turned me off 1000 percent. I’m from the hood and cockiness gets your mouth wired shut! You also know that in Hip-Hop you have to be cocky because you want to prove that you are indeed better than the next man, but Platinum was not only cocky,  he had to goods to back it up!
I remember going to see him spin at his house, and I have to let you know off the bat, I was taken away! I will go on record and say that he is one of the  best DJ’s that I know personally! His cuts were supper clean, like Rob Swift ( to me if you want to hear the most clean, sonically produced sounding scratches, Rob Swift from the X-Men/X-Ecutioners  is by far the greatest. Not only were Platinum kuts clean he could mos def hold his own in mixing. Platinum wasn't just a paper weight DJ, just getting by and having all the new equipment, he had the skills to justify having it in the first place. So to make this story move ahead and to keep our viewers’ attention span tight I will bypass some of the other history for a later time. Just know that I have a great respect for DJ Platinum and I’m very honored to welcome him into the Black Steel Brothers camp!  You can reach Platinum on his facebook page under:!/larrydjplatinum.collins?fref=ts  here are a few vidoes that i was able to find on youtube.  Next up, in Part 2, I will be talking about the evolution of DJ Ataxic.  Be sure to come back and check out that story as well.  If you like the blog please leave comments and tell a friend to check out the blog  Here are a few videos of DJ Platinum.


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