Thursday, May 2, 2013


Some times you need to open your  mind to other forms of music, other than Hip-Hop.  I tend to have a very wide taste of music.  I pretty much like everything, and will give things a fair chance to impress me before i spit it to the crub.  Here are a few of the things that are in my rotation, that are a little off the beated path of beat making. As Bam would say, "Everything can be considered Hip-Hop, as Hip-Hop is a mind state and not just the music".

I have been a radiohead fan for a while, I believe that Thom Yorke has such a great voice.  here is his new group Atoms For Peace.  this song here is called "Ingenue"  The backwards synth line is killer, plus the modern dance that is featured in here is really great.

I kind of new to this group, but i really like this song alot, plus I love the choreography of the dancers.  You have to pay attention to the dance because it looks like they are doing the same dance moves, but it's the suttle changes that will have you watching the video over and over again.  The thing that makes this group dope, in my opinion is instead of a drummer, they have someone doing the drums on a MPC 1000.  NICE!!

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