Thursday, May 2, 2013


Whatz good!?  from time to time i likse to share some of the places and spaces that I have been on the net.  these are some of the spots that i think that you would like as well.  Some of them will be about music producing or just everyday things about life and what ever.  So today I bring you  a few that i have been going to on the regular.

First up: "Beat Making Videos"  this is a great one spot to catch up on some of the producers around the world that have done beat making videos.  Instead of looing all over youtube, viemo or what ever.  They have done the work for you and posted them on their page.  I advise you though, do watch at work.  You will lose ton's of hours watching these videos.  We won't be held  responible for your lost of job.  You have been warned.

Next up we have a free tutor site for NI's Maschine"Maschine Masters" this is a free site,(they do accept donations) so you can join and not have to worry about the monthly cost of the program.  They have some great tutorials that are easy to follow along.

Keep Bang'n


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