Sunday, September 1, 2013


We have been slacking on this for a while.  It started as picking one producer's album and highlighting it as our pick of the month.  I have been thinking of how to get more people involved in this , so I have danced around the idea of doing a podcast and highlighting a few producers and playing some tracks from their album.  that idea is still a work in progress, so until we get the podcast up and going I decided that I would still highlight some producers that I thought were worth checking out in the previous month. The new title will be called "16 Levels" A word of warning, these joints are just my opinion of what I thought was pretty dope for the month. Feel free to disagree with me, and if you have something you want to submit for 16 Levels, Email us and we will take a listen.
Remember if you play it, say it. Let's show some love to all the beat heads, to let them know that we are listening.
Here is the dope picks for the month of August:
($)=Pay!   The artist is asking for you to buy their release.
(F)=Free!  Download and enjoy the free release.

1. A.S Way Beyond check out #6 (F) 2. Work Spaces Complation: 27 beats from 27 beatmakers. Curated by (F/$) This comp is pretty good check out the whole album. 3. Hexagon: Beat Flip Tuesday's. A project that came together with flipping samples every Tuesday of each week.(F/$)
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4.Pure Dopeness: Vol. 5 Sinoptic International is a strictly talented worldwide beatmaker collective (F/$) 5.Ivan Ives : The IV League Project This album features 19 of the sickest emcees put together for a one time hip-hop masterpiece. ($) 6.Abnormal Justice : Thetan Coverted Spacecake Couldn't find to much information on this produce but the project is really nice. (F) 7.JeeJaa: Route Du Soleil A group of producers, emcees, photographers & visual artists come together to collect and create the quality Hip Hop (F) 8.Nicholas Cheung: I AM "I AM is Nicholas Cheung's debut instrumental release. It is a collection of his selected beats made in 2012 and 2013.(F/$) 9.Luqman & Radixx: Remixed This album is very unique, i really like the Whittney Huston remix a lot!(F) 10.DJ Noizcut: Leave Your Head Behind Beatmaker for the Czech Republic 11.Chill Ill: Aus Aundara Aunsicht This a crew from Austria. You have to visit their webpage. They are really a good Hip-hop group. they kinda remind me of the Noizy Stylus crew.($) 12.Black-Tokyo Musik & Po' Safe Beats: The Beat Hoarders, Vol. 2 The second installment of The Beat Hoarders series from Black-Tokyo Musik and Po' Safe Beats showcases ten tracks from each artist.($) 13.DJ Sapien: Dumplings DJ Sapien, DJ/Producer/Beatmaker originally from Taipei, Taiwan and currently residing in the Northwest (US), has been on the Pragmatic Theory collective for over a year now after knowing of his music from the weekly Stonesthrow Beat battles (F) 14.DNM: B​.​E​.​A​.​T​.​S Love DNM a 19 yoa Beatmaker from Coquimbo, Chile.($) 15.Prosodi J. : Stvff !n My Mnd Prosodi J. is a British born multi genre composer, producer and beat maker that currently resides in California.(F/$) 16.Radius: Minimal Chops & Loops in Dub EP Vol​.​1 Made for the crate/loop diggin beat head cats and also true roots Dub heads. ($) 17.D-Prince: Starchild sTarchILd tells of a story of being so high out of your mind that you found your way onto a constellation of rivers, stars, and planets.(F/$) 18.Options:In Flight in the infinite pursuit of scrunch faces, goosebumps and nodding heads.($) 19.King I Divine: SSS (Scattered Sun Showers) King I Divine; synonymous with the MPC and the mastermind behind the 'Flipped: Jodeci Edition' and Crown Jewelz 1,2 and 3 (F) 20.Duke Westlake: Gravel (F) 22.GSQ: Luv Mvment Italian Beatmaker. Member of Bluesteady Triptik.($) 23.SeanDammit: Smart Phone Dumb Talk Sean "SeanDammit" Kantrowitz is your favorite artist's favorite fan-turned-artist. With the release of his debut solo EP 'Smart Phone Dumb Talk,' the Orlando, FL-based producer/multi-instrumentalist has crafted the stimulating score to the dystopian sci-fi film Hollywood is scared to make, channeling the cinematic detail of rjd2, the hip hop-informed grit of El-P, and the riff-heavy buoyancy of Ratatat.(F/$) 24.Brous One: Cinta de Ritmos Vol. 1 Cinta de Ritmos Vol. Uno" is a compilation of beats produced at Piscoland Lab, Santiago de Chile. 2009-2013. ($) 25.King I Divine: Reign Showers King I Divine; synonymous with the MPC and the mastermind behind the 'Flipped: Jodeci Edition' and Crown Jewelz 1,2 and 3($) 26.S.RAW: Another S​.​RAW Remix A collection of remixes produced by S.RAW, 2004–2009. Download the whole album at once to get bonus tracks and record cover (F) 27.Apollo Brown: Skilled Trade ($) 28.Marcus D: Melancholy Hopeful (Instrumental Version)The long-awaited instrumental version of Marcus D's Melancholy Hopeful.($) 30.14KT: Lincoln Lux (Test Drive Ep)Michigan producer 14KT continues the campaign for his upcoming album "Nickel & Dimed" that hits stores 9/3. The album is 14 instrumentals and 7 vocal songs. (F) 31.Mad Sirius: Incredible Space Saga 32.


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