Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Lion and the Lamb" New Joint from D/WILL

I'm kinda late with this, but if you're looking for that "feel in your soul" type of Hip-hop don't look to far, it's right here. I would say that this is D/Will's debut album, but he has a nice catalog of early releases that he has done himself or has done the production on over at his bandcamp site. I will say that this is a new release and direction that he is embarking on and trust me i like the direction he has taken. I'm not saying that because he is one of my fellow producer slayers, but that some of the stories that he has woven in this body of work speaks on life events that can relate to. Some of the choice cuts are: "Tellerno" and "Pure". Every now and then we all need to be reminded that some forces are greater than ourselves, and this debut drives that point across very well.

Please support that cause, and remember: "If you play it, say it"!


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