Monday, March 10, 2014

1's & 2's

Every now and then I get the bug and want to start spinning again.  To be honest I haven't really touch the turntables in a long time .  I used to spin in clubs regularly, but got bored with having to play the same things over and over. To be honest most of the new music has not  impressed me to want to go out and spin.So on a rear occasion  I will put together a session just to keep my chops tight. If I so decide to throw my hat back in the ring. 

So this will be a new featured call 1's & 2's.  It will be just quick 20min mixes that I have done and post for your listening pleasure.  Some of it will be top 40 old school hip-hop, club music and some might be old school hip-hop, or whatever I want to play.  That is the beauty of not having to work in a club, having to do bottle service or having to play most of the crap that is on the radio now.  So please take a listen, and kill 20mins of your day. Keep Bang'n "KIZ"


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